Jeff Breault is a practical guy, whether it’s in dealing with an overheated 1936 Packard 120B Convertible Coupe during The Great Race at Luckie Park during the summer in 29 Palms, California or while giving financial advice as VP of Carey, Thomas, Hoover & Breault.

Jeff created this blog as a landing spot for financial advice, but also intends to provide a place to discuss the fruits of accumulating and growing wealth — this blog aims to provide information about financial management but also explores automotive, golf, country music — maybe even a few topics coming from the fruits of living an active family life. Jeff is a father of two sons which he raises with his wife Shelly.

The financial services business is something that Jeff has over 30 years of experience in — he got his start back in 1986 after studying at Kansas State University. He currently advises clients all over the nation. He’s also a business owner himself and backs several companies.

His plate might seem full with all of this, but Jeff also finds spare time to engage in various charities and he’s an active member of the Shriners. Visitors of this blog should come frequently and often for the latest in financial news, financial advice, hobbies and more.